XML2PDF .NET server solution to automatically convert Word, XML, SVG, XSL-FO to PDF

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  • We use XML2PDF Server to produce PDF printouts of new vehicle price offers for prospects and customers. What we encountered was easy layout and hassle-free maintenance and modification of the PDF output. The page break problem in PDF was easily solved with XML2PDF. Overall, Altsoft XML2PDF helped us to reduce the development time and cycle.
  • We use Altsoft XML2PDF for technical and commercial report generation from our Product Design Program. The data in the program has an XML representation, while PDF output is used to include these reports as part of a quote package for customers. And XML2PDF perfectly fits our application. Integration was straight-forward, and the support staff was helpful and responsive. Altsoft XML2PDF saved us a good deal of programming and in the future it will be much easier to make changes and enhancements.
  • We are a marketing company, specializing in multi-version magnetic print, and we are the first to produce magnetic mailers that can be mailed without an envelope. Our art template system is built using SVG. After merging our templates with data, we use Altsoft XML2PDF to produce the PDF file that is then sent to press. As much as 400 unique pieces of Artwork can be created in about 20 minutes, Altsoft XML2PDF satisfies our needs completely and is one of the cornerstones of our system. The integration was simple, barely 3 lines of code to get it working. Altsoft support has always been top-notch. Our issues are resolved quickly. XML2PDF is a great product, and Altsoft does a great job supporting it.
  • We use Altsoft XML2PDF to print insurance policies and forms through our software used by insurance agents. An insurance agent calculates the premium, fills in the customer’s personal data and prints the documents. XML2PDF is a ready-made practical solution that can be easily implemented in any existing piece of software in a simple, neat and time-efficient way. From a programmer’s point of view, it simplifies the work to be done. From a project manager’s perspective, this product offers a wide range of tools for various business tasks.
  • We create Document Management solutions based on Microsoft Sharepoint for the construction industry. Our software, called Organice Transmit, supports the document-issuing process which is widely used in the construction industry. Organice Transmit automatically creates transmittals as XML documents that must be stored in Sharepoint in a non-editable format and should be easily viewed. XML2PDF lets us do exactly that by automatically converting these transmittals to PDF. The integration took only a few minutes.

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