Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine is the best and easiest solution for converting Word to XPS files. Our formatting engine supports almost all Word 2003, 2007 and 2010 options and some of them even better than Microsoft Word does! Using XML2PDF Server (.NET API) one can easily integrate his .NET application to create PDF, XPS, PS, SVG and TIFF from any word file (docx, doc, word xml).

XPS is a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) component and is perfectly suited for storage, viewing and publishing. XPS grants a wide range of advantages.

Pprinting XPS gives considerable preferences in productivity and image quality. XPS gives considerable improvements in accuracy of printing. The improvements are smooth gradients, transparency and support of improved colors. As a document format XPS is easily integrated with Windows platform. XPS also supports digital signatures and Print Ticket format which define how the document should be printed.

All the features make XPS a very good format for tasks such as documents interchange, storing and securing. That is why many companies choose XPS as thier principal format in document workflow. Documents created in other formats such as Word, Excel, HTML are converted to XPS with the help of XML2PDF Formatting Engine.

XPS is sometimes compared with PDF. And it is often said that XPS was created as a rival to adobe PDF. XPS is rather simple and light standard for electronic data presentation. XPS is suitable for viewing and for printing as well. XPS is the basis of a new printing Microsoft subsystem that appeared first in Windows Vista. XPS works with .Net Framework starting from version 3.0. It supports metadata content, hyperlink objects, extended graphics, digital signatures, etc.

XML2PDF Formatting Engine can be embedded into your own .Net solution and is used to convert Word to XPS automatically.