Altsoft XML2PDF engine is the most cost-effective solution on the market, guaranteed, for converting Word to PDF Server based. Our formatting engine supports all Word 2003, 2007 and 2010 documents. Using XML2PDF Formatting Engine (.NET API) you can easily connect your .NET application to Word to PDF Server and generate PDF, XPS, PS, SVG and TIFF from any Word file (docx, doc, word xml).

Microsoft Word is the most popular and easiest tool for document creation. While PDF is the de facto standard for document sharing over the internet. If you need to convert your Word to PDF on the desktop, you can use Adobe Professional or one of many plug-ins available for Microsoft Word. Our own free desktop tool XML2PDF Workstation for converting Word to PDF is itself a very good option. However, neither Word nor Adobe Professional is suitable for server use. If you need to convert files from Word to PDF on server, automatically or if you need to add such functionality to your application to handle such conversions, then XML2PDF Formatting Engine (.NET API) is the tool you need.

Examples of typical Word to PDF server uses for business:

  • automatic invoice generation
  • periodic advertising brochures printing
  • sending bank statements or any other letters with client-specific information
  • generating print ready time planners
  • generating print ready forms of various personalized documents including medical cards
  • Many other cases where your application creates Word documents (or you just have it in your database) and you need to make your documents print-ready from server, Use word to pdf server formatting engine in those cases.