XML2PDF Samples


Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the most suitable format for data storage, exchange, analysis, but not for its presentation. Adobe PDF is considered more convenient, print-ready cross-platform format for publishing documents.


Word/Doc to PDF: 

Microsoft Word is the most popular and easiest tool for document creation. While PDF is the de facto standard for document sharing over the internet. If you need to convert your Word to PDF on the desktop, you can use Adobe Professional or one of many plug-ins available for Microsoft Word.


Word to XPS: 

XPS is a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) component and is perfectly suited for storage, viewing and publishing. XPS grants a wide range of advantages. Printing XPS gives considerable preferences in productivity and image quality.


SVG to PDF: 

SVG graphics is widespread nowadays and it is used for preparing different printed matters, pamphlets, calendars, illustrations, books, postcards, creating web-pages, describing technical documentation and others.



Any web page that exists on the Internet consists of HTML. HTML is suitable for publishing and distributing information through the internet. However, if you try to print a page from your browser you will not get the page you see on your monitor.


Excel/Powerpoint to PDF:

Printing directly from PowerPoint may cause presentations to be distorted and disfigured. About 30% of PowerPoint files encounter problems when moved from one computer to another — graphics disappear or misprint, text and labels shift position, and Greek letters may vanish.