Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the most suitable format for data storage, exchange, analysis but not for presentation. Adobe PDF is considered a more convenient, print-ready cross-platform format for publishing documents.

How to Convert XML to PDF?

Altsoft XML2PDF generator converts XML to PDF files automatically without user interaction. Our XML to PDF converter is the most cost-effective solution in the market, guaranteed, for easily converting XML to PDF files. It is specially designed to create a high level of ease and convenience for the users. Our advanced XML to PDF format features XSL-FO syntax with several file extensions to produce print-ready outputs. The open file extension allows users to create text documents that can be accessed by using an extensive list of file applications.

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Using our XML2PDF file converter (.NET API), you can easily connect your .NET application to XML to PDF and generate PDF, XPS, PS, SVG, and TIFF.

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The most popular way to convert XML files to PDF is through XSL-FO syntax which describes the way XML documents should be presented. XML2PDF conversion Engine provides powerful support for editing, validating, and transforming electronic office documents, such as a spreadsheet, XML reports, charts, and presentations from XML file format to pdf files.

Microsoft Office has different storage formats for Word and Excel, which are saved in XML format. Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine makes it possible to convert WordML and Excel XML to PDF. It allows to view and edit various font data, convert between font formats, generate instances of Multiple Master fonts, edit graphical representation of font glyphs, extract fonts from PDF files, create new font files, generate AFM (Adobe Font Metrics) files, generate font preview and rename fonts.

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